branding is about so much more than what people see.
it's about how you make them feel.

- Kimberly Hayden -

Hey there! I'm Brianne 

meet the designer

Brand Designer + Strategist

At heart, I'm a story teller. I may be a Brand Specialist, but I'm so much more than just that. I help my clients tell their stories and bring their hopes & dreams for their businesses to life. I help them speak to their ideal client & connect with their audience through strategic handcrafted design. I show my clients how to have the confidence to be the face of their brand, to create a strong foundation & build clarity with their message. 

at b. creative co.

our values

At B. Creative Co., you're more than "a client". I value personal connections & relationships with my clients that leave you feeling like family.


When I created B. Creative Co., I wanted it to be a place for more than just design. A place that valued human connection & personal relations with my clients. I didn't want to be just another design studio, I wanted to create an environment that my clients felt like family.

personal connection

Every brand designed at B. Creative Co. is unique to each client I work with. Every piece is handcrafted and personalized for your business and your business only.


craftsmanship & details

There's nothing more rewarding than when my clients are successful & feel confident. Building brands that help elevate your business to the next level and give you that confidence is what I strive to achieve.


authenticity & impact

at b. creative co.

our values

Whether you're working towards making that part time hustle a full time job, or you've been in this industry for awhile. you're working towards building your dream business & making it happen. I want you to know I see you. I've been where you're at, and it's not easy & definitely isn't all rainbows and butterflies. You've got so much on your plate and you feel like you're aimlessly spinning your wheels giving yourself a migraine time and time again trying to create a brand that represents you. Or maybe you've had a brand for the past 4 years but you're just not quite connecting with your ideal client.

So, how DO you communicate who you are? How do you communicate what makes you different? What makes you unique? You know design isn't what you specialize in, and you probably don't have the time to figure it out yourself.

You're ready to take that leap with this dream of yours and make money with it. You're done trying to reshape the wheel every time you sit down to design your brand, heck you don't even want to design it yourself at this point! It's frustrating and you just don't have time to worry about it. You're ready to work with someone who understands your vision and gives you your freedom back. To be able to enjoy what you do and not sweat the branding stuff.
That's where I come in.

B. Creative Company is more than just design. It's about telling your story, discovering who you are at the heart & soul of your business. It's about being a part of something bigger. It's about making your mark in this world and showing it what you've got!

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here are a few of my favorite things..

get to know me

My daughter & my husband are my world. They inspire me every day to work hard & be a better person.

I love a good DIY and Joanna Gaines is my favorite!

my favorites

I'm a HUGE iced coffee every time I leave the house I think I need to get a coffee- type of addiction.

One of my favorite activities is strolling the aisles of Target and spending time with my family.

the blog

Grab a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, & check out the blog!
At B. Creative Co. we work hard to provide you with a little look behind the scenes at our work, our process, and what it is that we do. You can also catch a little sneak peek into life outside of design!

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