telling your brand's story through impactful imagery

brand photography

what's a branded photo shoot? Why should I invest in branded imagery?

branded photography

Branded photography is crucial to building a strong and impactful brand. You want imagery that represents you and your business. Building a brand doesn't just stop with the logo design itself, it trickles down through your imagery, website & so much more!

It's a photo shoot that can be used across every aspect for your brand. It can be used on your website, your social media, you name it! It not only represents you and what your business stands for, but it makes your business vision look beautiful in the process! 

Customized imagery for your business is SO important when it comes to building the vision and message you are wanting your business to convey! It’s a powerful way to visually attract your audience to your business, 
as well as give you that extra professional touch. 

A Branded Photo Shoot, is a photo shoot in which your brand colors, your brand values, and business all mingle together in one cohesive photo shoot that represents you and what your business stands for (or at least that’s how I define it). 

a brand is not just a logo, it's the overall impression & experience you give to your audience and customers. Your brand expresses the value you provide.
it's you!

- Amy Locurto -

so, why does it matter?

Branding images can be used for a multitude of things. They can be used as your new headshots, used as stock images for your business, updates for your website, or even used in advertising when marketing to your ideal client!

When you have imagery that represents YOU and YOUR brand, it can help you speak and connect with your ideal clients.

When you brand your photography for your business, you create a cohesive brand image.