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Jane Bridget Beauty: Houston Hairstylist Brand Design

It’s brand launch day y’all!! I’m so pumped to be bringing this gorgeous brand to life after a WHOLE YEAR of working together with the incredible Jane Bridget Beauty! Jane and I met last year when she reached out about branding for her business. Jane is one of the kindest, most supportive, caring people I know. She’s got a heart of pure gold & it shows in every aspect of her business, her life, and everything she does! When she reached out to me about branding, I was actually fully booked at the time. I really wanted to work with her, but being that I had just had a newborn baby & a full schedule ahead, I didn’t think I could fit her into my calendar. As the universe, fate..(or whatever you want to call it) would have it, I had a cancellation & she was able to pop into my calendar! A full year later and we’re finally launching her beautiful new brand and bringing the Jane Bridget Beauty vision to life!

About Jane Bridget Beauty

Jane is a 7 year certified & licensed hairstylist, microblade artist, and lash extraordinaire based in Friendswood, TX. You can literally think of her as your “new beauty bestie” because that’s exactly who she is! Jane’s goal with all of her clients is to make them feel confident and inspired with less. Less makeup, less time, less upkeep, just less. Jane believes her clients are beautiful the way they are. Natural beauty paired with a little spice, she’s here to give her clients the tools they need to step into the most authentic, positive & best version of themselves! I can say from working with Jane personally (yes, she’s my hairstylist & microblade artist too!) she’s like a breath of fresh air, a ball of sunshine on a cloudy day, and just the purest & kindest human being you’ll meet who gives you the tools & confidence to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in.

About the Brand Design

Designing this brand was a D-R-E-A-M! When Jane came to me to design her brand, she wanted not just a full brand design, but she also needed a website, business cards & aftercare cards. She wanted to completely overhaul her business & give it the true “look” it needed. She wanted to create an entire “vibe” so to speak with her brand & build something that was authentic and true to who she was & where she sees her business going.

When I set out to design this brand, I knew it needed to be chic, classic & timeless. It needed that soft, feminine feel, but one that inspired and sparked confidence. I wanted to focus heavily on the typography itself and create a strong brand mark that represented Jane and her business. Her brand easily became one of my favorites I’ve designed to date!

Other Elements of the Jane Bridget Beauty Brand

As I mentioned above, we didn’t just design Jane’s brand, but did a complete and total overhaul of everything for her brand. We redesigned her aftercare cards, we’re working on her business cards, and we designed a gorgeous & functional website for her clients to be able to “access her brain” so to speak. She wanted a web page that “worked for her”. One that was beautiful, but full of pricing, information, services, and so much more! Jane’s a busy lady so she needed a website that would be able to represent her brand & business and guide her clients through her services and offerings!

You can check out her gorgeous new website here!

This project was such an incredible process from start to finish and I’m honored to have been able to not only design this for Jane, but to know her as a person & call her a friend! Congratulations on your brand launch Jane!

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