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Wallflower Counseling & Wellness: Brand & Website Development

About the Launch

Y’all, this brand story is a pretty special one and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you all today! Gabriela (or Gabby as I’ve come to know her!) approached me about branding her brand new counseling business earlier this year & was looking  for not just a fresh new logo, but a website, marketing collateral, you name it! 

I loved hearing all about Gabby’s experience & what she planned to do with her brand new practice here in Houston. When you get to know Gabby, you can see how big of a heart she has. She’s kind, a great listener, and so genuine to her core! Gabby has been such a joy to work with on her project and I’m so beyond thrilled to be able to share this brand with you all today!

But before we dive into her new brand, website, and brand photography, here’s a little bit about Gabby & her practice, Wallflower Counseling & Wellness.

Brand Beginnings: How Wallflower Counseling Started

Gabby Pequeno is a Licensed Professional Counselor starting her own private practice – providing mental health counseling services to adults in Texas called Wallflower Counseling & Wellness. 

Gabby went into this field with the intent to help others. She was told at a young age that she was a great listener & found that people feel welcome & comfortable speaking with her about important issues regarding mental health. She wants to create a unique experience for her clients that stands out in the counseling industry & has her clients coming to her for years to come.

After having COVID in February, she was given a new perspective on life & her future. She experienced trauma from her experience with COVID & being hospitalized, but after re-grounding herself she’s gained a positive outlook on what she wants her future to look like. She began truly brainstorming what it would mean to work for herself, and made the decision to give it a go. 

Gabby’s ultimate goal is to work with Trauma, anxiety, depression, life transition, adjustment to changes, type of clientelle. She wants to focus on working with adults and offering services via telehealth & video, and eventually transitioning to an office setting in about a year. 

Gabby says, “I’m focusing on working with individuals who have experienced trauma of different types, and hope to help these people process distressing/negative thoughts or feelings that have persisted after their experiences. I love seeing progress and change with people over time, and how an increase in confidence and processing past experiences can help change their outlook on life.

Wallflower Counseling & Wellness: How the Name was Created

Another thing Gabby and I went back and forth on before beginning her branding, was her practice’s name. We went back and forth, email after email brainstorming so many ideas under the sun! But one day, Gabby reached out and said, “You know, I’ve recently been attached to the word wallflower for some reason recently- I think that may be who my ideal client identifies as.”

As soon as she said that, it was like a lightbulb went off! You see, a wallflower, is a person who feels shy or awkward, who sticks to themselves. 

I also discovered while doing her brand strategy that there is actually a type of flower called a wallflower that I knew would be the perfect symbol to compliment her beautiful new brand!

It was the perfect match!

Check out her new website here!

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