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The Parris Foundation: Brand Refresh & Website Design

There are a few projects I’ve done in my life that have had a true hold on my heart, but the Parris Foundation was definitely at the top of that list.

I met with Dr. Katherine Bacon at the beginning of the summer. She was full of passion for what she does, full of a sense of energy that fuels her, and a very down to earth, kindhearted person. She told me about her project and what she was wanting to do for her foundation, and then she told me the story of her son Parris Gaehring. Parris Gaehring, tragically lost his life to gun violence at the age of 16. She told me about her foundation, The Parris Foundation, she created to honor his memory & transform the lives of countless other families and students all across Texas. Hearing her story & Parris’ story, I knew this project was something special & something that needed to be handled with the utmost amount of heart, passion, and care. I often talk about how my job as a designer is to tell my client’s story, so for this project, I knew this story needed to not only be represented correctly, but it needed to show off the perseverance & strength of this foundation and the countless lives they change every day with their work.

The Parris Foundation: Getting the Project Started

The Parris Foundation is one of the most unique organizations I have ever had the honor of working with. The Parris Foundation is a grassroots organization based in Houston, TX. They have created programs around wellness & counseling, scholarships, training and development, and educational outreach to empower families, first-generation students, and crime victims. ⁠They spread opportunity to health life choices through mental health counseling, college prep, and community outreach.

One of the things the Parris Foundation booked with me when they reached out was Brand Clarity. They called themselves “The best kept secret” because they do so much for the community, but they weren’t sure how to get their name out there. And that’s where I come in! Katherine had also told me they were in need of a copy writer to help tell their story and honor their foundation for what it stood for. I knew my good friend Kathy at Rekindle Communications was just the girl for the job! Kathy is one of the kindest people with a heart of gold & truly loves to serve her clients. I knew

when it came to this project she would be the perfect person to tell their story & honor Parris’ legacy. Together Kathy & I developed not just the brand for the Parris Foundation, but a strong brand message & foundation they could thrive in & expand their foundation on!

Telling their story

When it came to the brand design for the Parris Foundation, they had a preexisting brand designed, however, it didn’t break the brand down into enough usable elements that they could use across the board. They needed a brand that was not only cohesive, but one they could use for their programs, social media, t-shirts, you name it! They needed something that was versatile in use & unique to them! Their original logo had the “Parris Green” color as we called it and the infinity symbol. I chose to keep this element as an homage to their brand & what they had previously had, but developed their brand to have a cohesive set of logos, fonts, and a color palette they could use across the board. I wanted to ensure we kept their brand consistent & built it so that it had a strong foundation to stand on.

Once we finished the brand design, we also updated all of their marketing collateral such as business cards, flyers, brochures, and even some table cloths/hanging signage. We also moved into the biggest part of their project which is the Parris Foundation website. You can check it out here! Between Kathy’s website copy & my design work, we gave the Parris Foundation a fresh, gorgeous new website. Full of user interactive features such as sign ups for scholarships, events you can participate in, training sign ups, you name it! We wanted the website to be as accessible and user friendly as possible for anyone who accessed it!

Forever Inspired

This project will truly forever hold a place in my heart and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work with them. The Parris Foundation is truly remarkable, and Dr. Katherine Bacon is an incredible human inside and out. The work this foundation continues to do for the community is absolutely inspiring. Working with them was such a beautiful reminder that even the darkest of circumstances can be used to spread hope when it’s least expected (worded so perfectly by my friend Kathy at Rekindle Communications). I am forever grateful to have the career I do & be able to serve such incredible clients!

If you would like to donate or get involved in any way, please head on over to the Parris Foundations website here to see all of the incredible work they are doing & continue to do across the Houston Community!

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