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Pursuit of Wag: Dog Gift Box

About the launch

I had the opportunity to create Julieen and Danny’s brand for Pursuit of Wag, a local gift box company for none other than your furry friends!!! Pursuit of Wag was created in the hopes of improving the quality of life for the modern dog. As our generation becomes more conscious about health, the quality of what they put in their bodies and the purchases they make, they also want to provide the same for their fur babies. As a devoted dog mom herself, Julieen knew that there was a market in need of better products for dogs and that’s when she found her calling through Pursuit of Wag. 

Julieen wants her customers to feel like they are well taken care of, like their fur babies are loved just like her own. Her goal is to curate items for her clients that she has personally tried for her dogs & had success with so that her client’s know the value behind each product and have the assurance that they have been tested for their fur baby. 

When it comes to their boxes, they have been extremely thoughtful about selecting the best quality of products for their client’s needs. Her goal is to create an unparalleled experience with the highest quality & most aesthetically pleasing gift boxes for each and every one of her clients & their fur babies. 

The Design Process

When designing the Pursuit of Wag brand, I knew it needed to be something sophisticated, modern, but also playful & authentic! One of Julieen’s brand keywords was the word “hygge”. 

Hygge is a Danish word that can be defined as,

“A quality of coziness & comfortable living that encompasses a feeling of contentment or wellbeing.”

When Julieen told me about this word, I had never heard of it to be completely honest, but I knew it was the perfect brand keyword to encompass the feeling she wants her clients to have when they encounter her brand. Julieen talked about giving her clients an unparalleled experience that set her apart in the dog-industry. She wanted a brand that makes her clients feel like the main character of their story (how cool is that?!).  

Her brand is unique because it includes two sketches of her dogs, Bernadette & Norbert as well as some other hand sketched pieces that tell the Pursuit of Wag story. 

The Brand Shoot

What made their project so special, was not only did I get the opportunity to design their branding, but also capture their brand shoot! It was probably the cutest brand shoot I’ve ever had the opportunity to capture!!

Be sure to check out their brand new website & their adorable gift boxes!!!

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