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Petal & Press: Houston Floral Preservation

About the Brand Launch

Petal & Press is a floral preservation studio based in Houston, TX. Sarah started Petal + Press Studio after her career in the wedding industry turned into something more. She had spent 3 years as a wedding floral designer and noticed thousands of dollars worth of florals being thrown away after the events were finished. She realized instead of throwing away all of the florals and letting them go to waste, she could repurpose them into something more.

Sarah realized she could repurpose her client’s florals from their wedding, pressing & preserving them for a lifetime to create a special keepsake from her client’s special day. She created
Petal + Press Studio, first as a side gig, but was able to replace her salary preserving florals in less than 6 months. She went full time in under a year & her business is continuing to flourish and grow!

The Design Process

When I set out to create the Petal & Press brand, I knew I wanted to create something soft, elegant, and timeless. Sarah’s business is unique and I wanted to make her brand stand out in her industry. I researched a variety of different types of florals for Sarah’s brand and that’s when I stumbled across the eucalyptus.

The Petal & Press brand is FULL of symbolism & significant touches. Sarah originally had discussed the idea of having a letter “P” with floral elements around it, and what I ended up settling on was the eucalyptus wrapping around the letter P. I wanted the Eucalyptus leaf to feel like it was intentionally placed & pressed similar to the way Sarah places each floral element in the pieces she creates.

The Eucalyptus also represents & symbolizes, “inner & outer strength. The inner layers are strong enough to hold themselves together, while the outer layers are hard and tough enough to protect the plant.” This reminded me of how Sarah takes these delicate pieces and preserves them in something that secures them for a lifetime to come!

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