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Big Changes for B. Creative Co.: My Brand Evolution

The B. Creative Co. Story

Over the years my brand has grown & evolved. What once started as Design by Brianne (if you’ve been around since the OG days), has now evolved into B. Creative Co. a branding and photography business. I’ve been blessed to call this small business my own for over 5 years now. Over these 5 years, I’ve worked with so many incredible businesses, shared so many incredible stories, and I’m grateful to each and every client who has trusted me to design and capture their brand. I’ve worked long hours, hustled hard, but now I’ve reached a new season with my business a season of change & development.

Evolving & Changing

When you become a parent, your entire life changes. When you become a business owner, your life is constantly evolving & changing with each passing day. But when you mesh the two together….well, it kind of feels like a wheel is constantly turning and changing with every passing day. Some days are overwhelming, while others are peaceful. Some days you get everything done, while other days…well, you pretend like you got a lot done!

Over these past 5 years I’ve slowed down a lot in my life (stopped to smell the roses a bit more if you will). Since becoming a mom, I’ve realized the days fly by faster than you can even imagine. What once was a tiny newborn in my arms, is now a walking and talking 1.5 year old, spunky little girl. What once was a goal to book everything under the sun, has now become booking with intention & working on projects I truly love so that I can give my time to my family as well.

I’ve realized I no longer want to subscribe to the “hustle hard” mindset, but work with intention & truly give my clients the best of me, not the rushed and stressed version of me. I want to focus on being grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given, and remember to be appreciative & express that appreciation.

The Future of B. Creative Co:

While I can’t say what the exact future will hold (because does anyone really know), I do know this. I want to run a business that I’m proud of. One that isn’t restricted to society’s idea of success, but one that I feel defines my idea of success. I want to create a legacy & a family that I can truly enjoy every moment with. I want to raise my daughter while showing her that chasing her dreams is possible. And I want to share more of my life on here & not just business, because the reality is I’m more than just a business owner.

I’m a mother

I’m a wife

I’m a daughter

I’m a gardener, a goat owner, you name it!

I’m so much more than just a designer. I’m a human being too. So all of this to say, you may see more of me & my sweet family around here. You may see more than just design (maybe even a little photography too!) because I want to share it all with you. I want to share who I am and expand my brand beyond just being a designer.

Branding is all about telling your story, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

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