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3 Major Signs it’s time to Rebrand

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As our businesses grow & evolve, so do our brands. Contrary to popular belief, you can outgrow your brand! Sometimes your values, mission, direction, etc. change and there’s nothing wrong with that, it just means your business is growing and evolving! So what are some major signs of needing a rebrand? Let’s talk about it

#1 You’re not connecting with your ideal audience/client

That disconnect & detachment can also be a sign that you’re not connecting with your target audience. As business owners, we love when we get that ideal client. It feels like the stars align & our vision for our business comes to life! But if you’re feeling a disconnect with your brand, you might be struggling to book those ideal clients.

Sometimes as our businesses grow & evolve, our ideal clients do as well. It’s not a bad thing, just a sign of growth!

#2 You feel like you’re reinventing the wheel over and over again

This goes back to point #1, if you’re outgrowing your brand, you’ll feel like a hamster caught on neverending wheel. You might be feeling like you’re running and running, but not finding the solution, to your problem so instead you try to “fix” things in your business that maybe don’t need fixing, just need clarifying! This can also lead many nights of the DIY process where you find yourself “just trying something” or “playing around with” your brand colors, fonts, etc. 

This is your sign it might be the time for a rebrand..and a brand strategy!

#3 You don’t want to share your brand or offerings

Sometimes we just don’t like what we’ve got. 

Plain and simple.

So often I hear, “I really just don’t like my brand. It’s not me.” Sometimes you just don’t like it and it can be embarrassing to share. But let me tell you, the last thing you should feel when it comes to your brand is embarrassed! 

Your brand is a direct representation of your business, what you do & who you serve. You’ve worked hard to build this business & that’s something you should be proud of. 

If you’re not happy with it, let’s change that!

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