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Building Your Brand Story

One of the most common things I talk about on social media and with my clients is the power of telling your story & branding your business through your story….but what does that really mean? How do you tell your story through your brand and how do you keep your audience engaged and coming back for more? How on earth do you get them to be your cheerleaders? Let’s talk about it!

The Power of a Good Story:

Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can possibly use for your business. It not only helps you form a connection with your audience, but it creates a deeper connection within your brand, business & builds trust. As small business owners, we thrive in connection. Whether it’s through word of mouth, marketing events & coffee, etc. connecting with others is crucial to our success. So, how do you connect with your audience if you can’t always be there to socialize or interact with them? Through storytelling & branding.  So, what helps to make things memorable & keep your audience engaged with your brand? Telling a story. When you incorporate storytelling into your brand, you’re increasing your chances of not just forming a connection with your audience, but leaving them with a memorable impression. Pretty wild right? It’s also crucial for forming that “know, like, trust” factor (which I’ll be talking more about in a later post).

Now you’re probably wondering, “How do I incorporate this into branding/building my brand? Well, there are a few ways you can do this.

Branding & Telling Your Brand Story

Storytelling is all about forming a connection with the reader, right? You’re actively connecting with your audience, engaging with them, and forming a deeper connection with them. Whether it’s a heartfelt story, an experience you went through, a tip or trick, etc. The power of storytelling is huge when it comes to your brand building experience with your audience. Your brand isn’t just the product you’re creating or the service you’re selling. Your brand is the evolution of your story, your business, and everything that you do. Creating a brand story is just another element that goes alongside building a strong brand…so, how do you do it?

Take me as an example. When I first started my business, I had no idea what I was doing. Let’s be real, I felt like I had less than no idea of what I was doing. But I had a good story. My story was all about how I was building my business off of a dream. I worked hard, I shared my experiences, what I learned along the way, etc. and I built my story.  Along the way I learned more! I picked up new tools to help my business be successful, I learned how I could better help my clients and tell their brand stories, I learned how to build a successful brand for my clients, and I learned how to share it all in a way that was unique to my experiences & my business. Now, 5 years later, my audience still remains engaged. They know who I am, they know the other characters in my story (clients, my daughter, etc.) and they remain engaged because it’s interesting. The reality is your brand story doesn’t have to be extremely complex or over the top. It can be in depth, or it can focus on a few key points. 

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Key Points of a Solid Brand Story

If you couldn’t already tell, this topic is one that you can expand on and go even further in depth with, but for the sake of keeping things clean, simple, and to the point, here are a few things you can focus on when finding & developing your brand story.

  1. Focus on what you want to share about your journey. You don’t have to bear it all. You can share what you feel represents your business
  2. Focus on the connection it makes to your audience. How is this relevant to them? What makes them drawn to it? What does it make them feel? What keeps them coming back?
  3. What’s the problem you’re seeking to solve for your audience through your experience or story?
  4. Create a clear message with your brand. You can hire a copywriter, brand strategist/designer (like yours truly) etc. to truly help you find your message and what it is you’re trying to communicate. 

Building Your Brand Connection

Building that connection with your audience & your brand story is what keeps them engaged. It’s the difference between booking you and someone else who can do the same thing you can. People crave connection. They crave being able to relate to someone. So share your brand story! Connect with them. Relate it to the core foundation of your business, your messaging, and your WHY. That’s when you find your valuable content you provide your audience & those deeper/more meaningful connections. And that’s what gets your audience excited to work with you and share your name with the world! 


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