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What’s a Brand Launch?

Whenever I book a branding project, I always make sure to create a special brand launch day. But I often get asked by my clients, “What’s a brand launch?”

Think of a brand launch as that special “red carpet” event for rolling out your brand. It’s a day that we dedicate to launching our client’s brand across social media, our blog, their website/blog, etc.
It’s the big reveal day! You might be thinking, “But what benefits does it actually bring to my brand?” Well, let’s talk about it!

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The Benefits:

Social Media

Launching a brand can bring across a number of benefits. For starters, it gets your brand in front of new audiences. The people who follow my social media account may not follow you, so launching your brand via social media can help increase traffic over to your social media!
It’s a great way to gain followers, engagement with your content, and an added bonus…potential clients!

SEO & Website

Not only does a brand launch effect your social media engagement, but it increases your web traffic.
Let’s say you’re launching your website the day we launch your brand, the launch increases the number of eyes & people visiting your site. This is fantastic for website engagement & traffic to your site!
Another thing to keep in mind when launching your brand is that blog posts are extremely beneficial! Spicing your blog posts & site up with SEO helps with your engagement, showing up in searches, and is a great way to get more traffic to your site!

Booking Clients

We talked a lot about engagement and interaction already, but what if you could not only get your brand in front of new eyes, but also generate leads out of it? Brand launches can do that!By teaming up & boosting your engagement on my platform as well as your own, we’re both generating eyes on your brand which means potential leads. This is fantastic for booking new clients who might already be searching for someone like you!
Business Tip: Put your email list sign up on your new site with a freebie and gain even more people in your inbox!

It’s Rewarding!

You’ve just spent the past few months dreaming up this brand you’ve always wanted, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate?! You’ve just surpassed a major business milestone! Pop a glass of bubbly and enjoy it!! Brand launches are so special & you deserve to celebrate.
You’ve invested so much time into your business & yourself, live it up!


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