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Branding Your Business: Questions to Consider

There are many things to be considered when thinking about branding your business. Branding your business can seem like a scary process & a lot to think about! After all, how do you know when you’re actually ready? Where do you even start? What should you be considering when branding your business? Let’s talk about it!

Question #1: Am I connecting to my ideal client?

WOW is this important! Many businesses don’t know when they should hire a brand designer, and that’s okay. But a key way to identify if you may be ready to brand your business, is if you aren’t connecting with the audience you want to work with. If you’re not speaking to your ideal client, you may be left feeling lost in a sea that you’re shouting out into and no one’s answering to. You’re probably noticing that the types of clients that are inquiring aren’t who you want to work with. That’s how you know your  branding isn’t speaking to your ideal client.

Question #2: Am I feeling stuck? Am I struggling to book?

If you answered yes to either of these, it’s time for you to brand your business. If you’re struggling to book and it feels like your inbox is cobwebbed over, you may need to brand/rebrand your business. Sometimes the biggest problem with feeling stuck in your business is that your brand isn’t helping you. Your brand should speak for you when you’re not there. Your clients should know what to expect when they work with you. If you’re not speaking to anyone/you’re not hearing from anyone, it might be time to consider a rebrand/branding.

Question #3: Does my brand represent me?

Your brand should represent you and what you stand for. Yes, your products are important, but if your clients don’t know who you are, what you do, or anything about you, how can they connect with you? People want to connect with people. Take Apple for example, do they sell the best computers? Probably not, but they sell an experience. They have a reputation that their clients know what to expect when they purchase from them. That’s what your brand should be doing for you. It should be representing you and what you do! If you don’t have a brand that does that, it might be time to work with a brand designer! (Check out this blog post about 4 signs you’re ready to work with a brand designer!).


I hope these tips were helpful for you today! If you have questions or want to work together, let’s connect!

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