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2019: A reflection on this past year

Wow! How is it already 2020?! It’s so crazy to think how fast a year goes by…and a new decade at that!

This year has been a great one, full of so many learning lessons, growing pains, and of course great & exciting changes and challenges! This year for me was all about learning and growing, and let me tell you, both of those things happened. I challenged myself to try new techniques and try new things I hadn’t before.  I wanted to push myself harder than I had in the past, I wanted to try new things, and see where it took me.



This year, I also got to work with some amazing clients & businesses. From photographers to wedding professionals, interior designers, even realtors & sign language interpreters, I worked with so many different people! I loved getting to tell their stories and bring their brand visions to life! You can see more of those brands here.


Houston Texas Graphic and Brand Design

Rem and Tee Boutique

Top Knotch Hair Extensions Houston Texas

Traveling Spirit Bar

B Creative Company Brand Design


If there’s one word I could use to describe this past year, however, it’s thankful. I had the chance to work with so many incredible and amazing businesses and design their brands. Each year do this job, I learn more and more about myself, my business, and most importantly, the amazing people I get to work with. I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love and work with some amazing people along the way!


I’m excited to see where this next decade takes my business, and so grateful for yet another amazing year! Cheers to 2020! 🎉

Houston Texas Photographer and Graphic Designer

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