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Brand Launch: Lauren McRae Creates

I could not WAIT to share this brand launch with y’all! This brand has been one that I have been so excited to finally launch. Not only is it for the amazing and ever so talented Lauren McRae, but this brand was such a breath of fresh air and such a great change for me as a designer (more on that in a minute).

Lauren is a woman of many talents and when she asked me to design her personal brand I was over the moon. I remember opening her brand board and thanking her for not only presenting me with a challenge, but presenting me with something exciting, fresh and new! Lauren is a Houston based photographer, and let me tell you, she is extremely talented at what she does. You can check out her work here.

The Process

Lauren’s branding was something completely out of my element and inspired me to shift the focus of my business. As soon as I saw her mood board and her questionnaire, I knew this project would both challenge me & inspire me to create something that truly embodies who Lauren is and the audience she wants to attract.⁣ Fun, funky, lively, intentional. These were all words used to describe Lauren and her brand and as soon as I saw her board I remember texting her knowing that I had a vision in mind for her brand. She needed something that would be playful, but also reflect her personality and something that would be intentional. Lauren is often known for her style, including her signature hat, so I wanted to sketch a drawing that represented her and her bright, lively personality.


Houston Texas Graphic Design, Brand design houston, B Creative Company

Houston Texas Graphic Design, Brand design houston, B Creative Company

Lauren McRae, Brand Development, Houston Brand Design, Houston Graphic Designer

Houston Texas Graphic Design, Brand design houston, B Creative Company


Creating a Lauren’s Brand

Lauren wanted a brand that felt Warm & Soft like Sunshine, Bold & Bright, and Feminine & Strong. She wanted a brand that fully represented who she was and just by looking at it, you would know it belonged to her. I set out with the intent to put heart and intention into every aspect of her brand and bring her vision to life. ⁣She mentioned that she loves, “everything about light. Its warmth, its purpose, its heat, when it streams through the clouds, its happiness“.

Lauren’s brand is FULL of symbolism. From the hand sketched drawing of her, to the burst of sun. With the sun, of course, there also comes clouds, rain, shine, and rainbows. The rain is represented in the little dotted lines leading away from the sun, the rainbow is more abstract but takes up the “U” of the logo and symbolizes good luck and happy times ahead. I wanted something that embodied everything she wanted for her branding and something that reflected who she was.⁣

Houston Branding, Houston Logo Design, Houston Photographer

Houston Photographer, Houston Graphic Design, Houston Logo Design

A Breath of Fresh Air

I mentioned above how this brand was a breath of fresh air for me as a designer, and I know most of my fellow design friends out there can relate to this. Sometimes you get caught in the routine of it all. You get caught up repeating the wheel over and over again until you burn out. Lauren’s branding was a game changer for me. It was amazing to be able to design something out of my element, something that challenged, and inspired me. I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Lauren and designing this gorgeous new brand for her! This brand is the first step of many exciting things to come


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