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B. Creative Company: A New Brand, A Fresh Beginning!

You may have noticed some big changes around here if you’ve been following me for some time now, and you’re probably wondering what the heck is going on! If you haven’t and you are new around here, welcome! You’re in for a treat! I’m about to tell you all about the brand shift, the vision, and the heart behind my new brand & business, B. Creative Company.

What has changed?

With this launch comes a story. This brand means so much more to me that “a logo” it means new beginnings, community, and exciting adventures ahead. Lately I noticed a shift in myself, my business, and where I wanted to take things. I noticed I wasn’t as “fired up” as when I first started my business. To be honest, I felt burnt out. I felt overwhelmed constantly, I lacked a lot of motivation, and I felt tugged in 20 different directions between my photography business and my branding & web development business. Let me tell you..it was A LOT to balance. So what was the changing point? Why the shift?

One morning I was getting ready to go into my office one day and I had a thought..”Why am I doing this? What’s my purpose in all of this? Am I a good business owner?” Have you heard those thoughts before? I think as entrepreneurs sometimes we get complacent with where we are. We also get scared when things don’t go how we envision them. Things were starting to slow down, I wasn’t as excited, and I started to fall into this “It’ll fix itself” loop. This time however, it wasn’t fixing itself…and it was getting scary. I didn’t want to feel like this anymore; feeling like I wasn’t good at this entrepreneurship thing. I got tired of feeling overstretched and anxious about things, and I definitely got tired of waiting for something to change itself.

So I made a shift.

I pulled out my notebook and I started writing, planning, and creating this vision I had in my head. I wanted to create a company that showcased every one of my talents without it being confusing or muddy. I wanted something that would allow me to be a photographer AND a designer. I felt like my previous brand, Design by Brianne, limited me a lot. It didn’t truly show off what I offer and what I can do so I started thinking. What name would fit? And thus, B. Creative Company was born.

Why the name?

So what does the new name mean? The name B. Creative Company is a play on words. As in “be creative” and also the letter “B” for my first name..Brianne! I wanted something that communicated a message as well as stayed true to who I was as a person and a business owner. Being creative is something I have always invested time into. Whether it’s through art, photography, or even DIY home projects, I’m always doing something creatively. You can ask any of my family members and they would tell you, I am a very creative person!

As a kid I was given the nickname “bee” by my parents and it’s stuck with me for life. But bees mean so much more to me than just my nickname or the letter of my first name. The symbolism behind the bee is so true to my nature and who I am as a person. You see, the bee symbolizes, “community, hard working, brightness, productive, strong work ethic, and unity”. These are all values I hold true to my personal life as well as my work life. I felt like the bee was the perfect symbol not just because it represented me, but the message I want to communicate to my audience!

What’s next for B. Creative Company?

There are BIG things in store for this business of mine! I have been learning, developing my business, and crafting it into what I want it to be, and where I want it to go! I don’t want this to just be a design or photography business, I want to build a community that people can come to to ask questions, participate in, and feel like they’re a part of something bigger than “just a logo project”. I want to make people feel welcome to ask questions and get help with topics they’re interested in learning about. To build more than just clients, but relationships as well. I want B. Creative Company to be a welcoming environment that you can learn from and develop not just as a business owner, but as a person too.


Check out the vision behind my brand below!

Houston Brand Specialist and inspiration behind the brand B Creative Company

Houston Brand Specialist and inspiration behind the brand B Creative Company


The new look!


B. Creative Company, Houston Brand Specialist

Houston Brand Specialist, Houston Graphic Designer, B. Creative Company


B. Creative Company Instagram Feed


B Creative Company Houston Brand Specialist

B Creative Company Houston Brand Specialist


This is only the beginning for my company and I cannot wait to take you all along for the ride! I’m so excited for this new journey and being able to launch something that not only means the world to my business, but to me as a person too.

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