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Why Strong Branding Matters, and Why you should build Your Brand

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Why branding? What about it is SO important to you and your business? And why should you invest time, research, and money into it? What’s the big deal?

Maybe you have heard of “branding” before but you just don’t understand why it’s a big deal. If you were to sit down with any Graphic Designer, or myself, we would go on and on for a few hours..maybe even days…about why strong branding is so important to you and your business. But maybe we should start with a few points as to why it’s important to you and your business.

➕ Strong Branding builds credibility & trust ➕

This point right here I feel is one of the strongest and most important when it comes to branding. Think of it this way, would you purchase from a brand you didn’t feel was credible or you didn’t feel you could trust? Probably not. Credibility is so important when it comes to building a business, and having a strong brand that supports that credibility, is so pertinent.

➕ Strong Branding creates consistency

Consistency is key in any business, and having a consistent look, feel, vibe, and process about your business entices people to follow you and eventually purchase from you. When your clients see your logo, your branding should match that as well. After all, you want your clients to recognize you when they see your name right?

➕ Strong Branding creates a look or image for your business

When you think of brands that you know, Apple, McDonalds, Target, Starbucks, etc. what do you think of first? Maybe it’s their logo? Their atmosphere? Their vibe/feeling? Having a strong brand develops that “look” or image these businesses are portraying to their clients. Think of it this way, when you walk into Apple, do you see neon lights and bright colors? Generally not. Generally you see a very modern, white, clean, minimalist environment….also known as their brand!

➕ Strong Branding can increase your sales and bookings 

Don’t believe me? Ask someone what type of phone or computer they have. Apple vs Android. That is evidence of a brand working and weaving throughout our lives. You generally don’t tell someone the model number of your computer, you tell them who makes it! Branding isn’t a guarantee for making an income, but strong branding can lead people to recognize who YOU and your business are which leads you to booking more clients!

Branding truly impacts your business in so many more ways than just a “pretty look” or a “pretty social media feed“. Your branding tells a story of who YOU and YOUR business are! Branding starts at your core of who you are and who your values are, and trickles all the way down into your client experiences and what you have to offer. Branding can be simple, clean, and complex all at once. Your branding is the foundation of your business and you should take the time to invest in yourself, your business, and your brand. Before working with my clients, I always challenge them to explore what they want their brand to feel like, to look like, and how they want it to impact their potential clients. If you can establish those concepts, you can develop out a strong brand that attracts and impacts your ideal clients.



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